Denicos Allen welcomes you
Denicos Allen welcomes you



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Inside Information/Understanding the Venacular

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[[#|Red Cedar]] Message Board (RCMB) Heirarchy

Moderators. The Moderators (or simply "Mods" and / or "Rods") manage or police the board daily. The Rods have always been criticized for their shortcomings, roderating the board using different sets of rules, and for unfairly targeting certain posters. "Fuck the Rods" is commonplace amongst disgruntled RCMB posters victimized by the Rods. gHost Spartan is credited with coining the term "Rod." However, the first documented, "Rod" was Tui, who started the tactic of banning posters whom he had personal disagreements with. Now Dmcc is the head "Rod."

Premium Posters. The Premium Posters are, in their own minds, a group of posters whose posting styles and capabilities are often unsuccessfully copied. The Premium Posters drive traffic on the board and are primarily responsible for creating interesting topics of discussion and also stimulating discussion on controversial topics. The Premium Posters are generally regarded as the best posters on the RCMB.

Notable Premium Posters:

  • Minnie - Minnie is often considered the "Mother of the RCMB" - a cantankerous, oblong shaped, rotund woman with large Italian breasts and an affinity for the occult. Minnie provides the RCMB with balance, a female perspective. Minnie has been a mainstay on the RCMB for many years and, in the past, has been actively involved in assisting in the organization of RCMB tailgates. Minnie is kind, generous, and loved by many RCMB posters. Minnie is also known for her love of bacon and constant search for sexual encounters with male posters of the RCMB. Many of Minnie's sexual escapades, if they ever actually happened in the "real world," would include bacon as part of [[#|foreplay]] and post-coital cuddling/pillow talk.
  • Mr. Tanfan / Tanfan / Tanny - Tanfan, a self-proclaimed successful ambulance chasing attorney, is a highly controversial figure on the RCMB who demands excellence. Tanny is either loved or hated by RCMB posters.
  • Fletch - Fletch is a Premium [[#|Poster who]], for years, has consistently sucked
  • TV's Frank: ​makes bolley's nine incha look like a Chinese guy's micropenis*

*Please note: TV's Frank is not a premium poster. He has lost his luster.

Boners. The Boners, often maladjusted, are the ordinarily, proletariat class posters, who often seek [[#|validation]] from other posters, notably the Premium Posters. These are posters who love the board, and actively participate, yet have not discovered their own unique voice, and tend to recycle used bits. Some from almost a decade ago. Boners did not appear in great numbers until the 247 move.

SB (Sunshine Blower or "Blower"). These are the people who [[#|see no evil]], no wrong, and no missed opportunity with anything involving [[#|MSU athletics]]. Every coaching change, coaches decision or lost recruit has a hidden divine purpose that would be incomprehensible but to their appointed Gods (Coaches and AD). The SBs appreciate everything as it is handed to them with a "thank you sir, may I have another" attitude.

DE (Demand Excellence). The DEs are people who position themselves in a no lose posture with regard the MSU athletics. Winning and success are still welcome to these people (though you tend not to hear a great deal from them when it happens). But, failure draws the DEs out of the woodwork like maggots on a dead cow. Failure and losing validates their existence because they can spout off about how right they are about all that is purportedly wrong with MSU. If you are a DE, anyone who disagrees with you (about anything) is a SB